UAB 1917 Clinic


If you are interested in volunteering with us please complete a volunteer application. These can be found at . We need to have this application on file for all of our volunteers and all volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation (p.s you can register for the one upcoming in our events section!)

The mission of the 1917 Clinic is to address the needs of patients, their families and significant others, the scientific community, and the community-at-large in responding to the urgent and unique issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.

In order to meet these needs, the Clinic has established the following objectives:

  1. To provide comprehensive and compassionate health care for patients with HIV infection.
  2. To provide social service support, including case management, coordination of home health care, health insurance consultation, access to compassionate-use medication programs, assistance with applications to federal and state assistance programs, psychological and spiritual counseling, and hospice programs.
  3. Conduct clinical trials of new approaches to treatments, performed with the highest ethical standards in full compliance with federal regulatory statutes.
  4. To facilitate interactions between laboratory scientists and the Clinic by providing clinical specimens from well-characterized patients.
  5. To provide an ongoing program of medical education to physicians, nurses, social workers, and allied health professionals, including members of the clergy, regarding the management and care of HIV-infected individuals and their families and loved ones.
Sustainable Development Goals
129 People | 155 Impacts | 455 Hours | 12,377 Total Economic Impact