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Behavioral and Community Sciences Core


The Behavioral and Community Sciences Core, Core J, supports research on behavioral, environmental, economic, and social HIV risk and protective factors in the Deep South. Core J advances science by enhancing methodological skills of investigators for the conduct of high quality behavioral and community sciences research, building capacity for creative collaborations between HIV researchers and communities, and supporting research on priority topics essential to ending disparities in HIV-related health. Core J has 3 specific aims:
  • Aim 1: To develop the skills of researchers in established and innovative methodologies in behavioral and community sciences research.
  • Aim 2: To enhance HIV research capacity by cultivating collaborations between community stakeholders and HIV researchers.
  • Aim 3: To advance HIV-related behavioral and community science in priority areas: stigma reduction, faith and spiritual community collaborations and initiatives, uptake and adherence for new HIV prevention technologies, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and engagement in HIV care.