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The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship of Alabama is preparing the next generation of professionals who will serve and empower vulnerable people to live healthier lives and create healthier communities.

Our chapter was founded in 2015 and joined a national network of Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Chapters across the United States. Our vision is to create a global corps of leaders who promote positive change with an in our communities, our health and human service systems, and our world. 

Graduate students apply to spend a year working alongside a community agency to identify an unmet need and develop a new or expand an existing program to meet that need. Contact us to learn how you can apply!
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CausesAt-Risk Youth Autism Children & Youth Clinical Services College Readiness Community Crisis Support Dental Services Domestic Violence Early Childhood Education General Education Emergency & Safety Entrepreneurial Training Environmental Education Food Insecurity, Hunger Health Homeless & Housing Immigrants & Refugees Incarcerated, Formerly Incarcerated LGBTQ+ Literacy Marginalized Populations Mental Health Services Mentor Nutrition Older Adults Persons with Disabilities Poverty & Basic Needs Special Needs Veterans & Military Families Victim Services
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36 People | 187 Impacts | 1,611 Hours | 40,961 Total Economic Impact

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