Schoolyard Roots



Schoolyard Roots (SYR) brings garden-based instruction to elementary schools. We build teaching gardens in elementary schools and provide professional development as well as permanent teaching support and garden support for ongoing garden maintenance to ensure long-term programmatic sustainability.

Our teaching gardens and innovative curriculum increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, help reduce childhood obesity, increase academic achievement, and get children excited about school. Our programs encourage entrepreneurial skills, involve parents at school, encourage environmental stewardship and sustainability, build positive character development and leadership skills, and energize teachers.

We believe that the greatest tool to lift individuals out of poverty is empowerment through education. By providing our students with an engaging, experiential educational our program helps them to achieve academic success and live a healthier life. These outcomes translate directly into greater economic and social opportunities, which consistently translate to healthier lifestyles for both this and future generations.

Sustainable Development Goals
4 People | 4 Impacts | 12 Hours | 271 Total Economic Impact

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