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Who are we: Freedom Ladder is an organization committed to the welfare of children. Our manga (comic book) "Abolitionista!" was created with the help of the FBI, to educate young people about the issue of human trafficking and equip them with the skills to protect themselves. For more information, go to Prepare yourself for adventure!

We're beginning a campaign to get this comic book into the hands of as many young people as possible by transforming our website into a go-to destination for entertainment and events for young people. Not only will it feature our comic book and information about human trafficking, but it will also have a fashion page, interviews with celebrities, movie reviews, a book club, etc.

As a Website Designer or manager, a typical day on the job might include the following:
Brainstorm with our fellow Designers and generate new ideas for a new design for our websites.
Chat with the Freedom Ladder manager about how various features and improvements might impact our website's users and viewers.
Design a series of web pages that powerfully realize the new website.
Blog on our current event page, fashion page, book club page.
Join the Team in spreading the word about our present and upcoming events.

This job might be for you if:
You feel passionate about creating a safer environment for children. You feel that it is important to bring awareness about the dangers of human trafficking and the ways that young people can protect themselves.

You like to help people. You are dependable, enthusiastic, patient and can maintain a cool head under-pressure. Guiding, teaching and helping people gives you that nice, warmth and fuzzy feeling.

You enjoy solving problems and can approach challenges in a number of creative ways.

You pay close attention to details. You feel that details are an important part of the overall picture and contribute to making a project successful.

You are able to communicate clearly. You write well. You can speak and articulate well. You can pretty much discuss with your client/sponsor, may it be in person, by phone or in writing.

You are motivated and committed. You enthusiastically jump into opportunities as well as challenges. You can work on your own and also be a part of our team.

The must 'Do's'
You must commit yourself to as much or as little time as you want. But we normally recommend at least 4 hours a week of your lovely time.

Extra Awesome Benefits
As an intern you will be able to:
Exercise and improve your social, technical and organizational skills.
Work at home on your own schedule.
Work anywhere in the United States.
Expand your start-up experience and increase your marketing skills.
Powerfully promote a movement and an organization.
Support the empowerment of young people & make the world safer for kids.
Inspire your family and friends by your heroic commitment to community service.
Connect with fun, interesting people who care about making a difference in the world.
Boost your resume.

In order to land this gig, you need to have the technical skills needed to make our website a hit! Experience would be lovely, but it's not mandatory. Please send us your resume, so that we can see your awesome superhero/heroine skills.

For more information, feel free to email us at
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