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Northern Nevada Disability Resource Network is seeking a veteran or retired military person to input data to our online resource directory.  WordPress experience is a plus, but not required.  

Resources to be added  (veteran services, employment services, housing services, medical services, support groups, etc). You will be researching for providers in Northern Nevada and submitting entries using your own WP user account on our website. We will arrange a time to help you set up an account. The database is simple to learn. Training takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. We can meet on Zoom. 

Best to contact us at to tell us about your background experience and how you plan to assist our resources. Be sure to include your contact info (email and phone) so we can respond and advise. 

Keep track of your time on your GivePulse dashboard, and email us directly for any questions. 

Your time is valuable and greatly appreciated.
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